Welcome to the AEB Electric Bike Direct-Sale Website.

Our business
AEB Electric Bike is a trade / retail-network service corporation for green industry
products (e.g. electric vehicles, solar technology and instruments, and renewable energy technology).
Since our first Store opened in 2007 in Honolulu, Hawaii, we are now growing to be a global
distributor of electric bikes. We continue to dedicate all our efforts to serve and help our customers
the US and where else

It is our belief that alternative transportation and green industry are important for our communities and
for the global environment. Our mission is to help our communities to adopt environment-friendly
transportation and healthy lifestyles.
As an early pioneer in the e-bike industry, we warmly invite you
and everyone to try our AEB brand e-bikes as recreational and commute vehicles. Our e-bikes offer
reliable transportation with very high energy efficiency, Zero emission and superior safety and warranty.

We also welcome business partners to join the AEB e-bike family to promote e-bike riding and limit
petrol fuel consumption. We welcome business partners to become local retail partners to make a life,
to create jobs, and to contribute to our communities.

E-Bike riders represent a fairly large environment-conscious community. We value our customers first
and do our best to provide the most update technology and high quality products /services to our

Here we express our greatest appreciation to all our customers, friends and partners for their passion
and support to this business in a cause to build a sustainable environment. Wish you have many years
of pleasant riding in the US and any parts of the world.  

Thank you for visiting us.
Why ride an E-Bike/Scooter?

1) Minimal cost on Maintenance;

2) $3-5 electricity per month;

3) No oil, No gas, No noise, No exaust - the Green Machine;

4) Very clean - Quiet - Smooth -Cool;

5) Best way to school, shopping or office within 30-50 miles;

6) Save big $$$ riding daily;

7) Good for the environment

8) A nice sports activity, and good for your health.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Time to charge it?     
- About 1-2-3-4 hours

2) How fast can it go?   
- about 15 to 30 mph

3) How far can it go?    
- about 20-50 miles or 2-3 days of riding from
one charge.

4) What is the cost for electricity?
- about 5 dollars per month, believe or not.

5) No noise?

- very quiet, it does not bother your neighbors-
the true Green Vehicle!

6)  Parts and warranty ?

- We have stocks of easy tear/wear parts; all
e-bikes come with 12-months (or longer) of

7) Why it saves money?
- It does this in two ways:

a) it does not need much maintenance and
uses very little electricity (<$5/month riding

b) it saves you 75% money
on gas b/c you will not drive your
car or truck as frequent as before.
Who will be most benefited when riding an E-Bike?

1) In town commuters

2) College and high school students

3) Frequent shoppers in neighborhood

4) Anyone with foot problems and difficult to walk

5) Beach goers and recreation riders

5) Anyone who want to reduce green house gas emission

6) Anyone who wants to save money, cut gasoline spending and
forget parking fees

7) and so on - you name it
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